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Head Quarters located at: 1546 Savannah Road Lewes, DE 19958

Workshops and training coming soon. We are finalizing our calendar for the year. We have upcoming workshops on health, safety, housing, and some more events to look forward to! 

Our Programs

Veteran Outreach

Operation Resolute Support (formerly Operation Enduring Freedom) is now the longest running war in US History. Service members are returning home and facing difficult hurdles that they are ill equipped to navigate.  We lose over 17 Veterans to suicide per day, and many more to addiction related illness. Whether they are a young vet, or a formerly young vet, we hope to serve as a beacon of hope for Veterans struggling inside or out.

Are you a veteran in need? 

We want to help!  At American Flag Guardians, it is our goal to empower veterans from within the local community. 

Guardian Nomination

Nominate an honorary guardian to receive a Patriot Kit. Simply email us at flags4patriots@gmail.com with subject line "Nomination Request" and we will send you an email form to complete. Or download one below.

Patriot Kit


Operation Flags for Vets: Our PATRIOT KITS are 100% made in America, right down to the screws. Each kit includes a top quality 3’ X 5’ Valley Forge Flag, mounting bracket, pole, and hardware. We can even come out and set the nominee up properly. Check out our GUARDIAN NOMINATION page for a nomination form and directions. Nothing says America to a vet like a flag. Here’s your chance to put one in the hands of a deserving veteran or patriot.  

Do you have a flag that needs to be retired? Drop it off at our Head Quarters at 1546 Savannah Road, Lewes, DE 19958

We also will come pick up your flags in need of retirement. 

Our Founders

John Nehrbas


  John served in the Marines from 2002 to 2006 where he served 3 separate tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Combat Engineer.  Duties ranged from force protection for forward positions, route clearance for Improvised explosive devices, as well as various other missions throughout Western Iraq.

John’s passion for helping Veterans stems from his own experiences with transitioning from the Marines into civilian life. A strong advocate for others, and general good do-er, John hopes to positively impact the lives of veterans by mobilizing the community to lift those in need while continuing to promote pride in America through stewardship of our flag and service to our Veterans.

Travis Wyshock


  Travis served honorably in the United States Marine Corp as an Infantry Rifleman from 1994 to 1998. Travis has participated in Operation Assured Response/Liberia, Operation Quick Response/Central African Republic, Destined Glory & NATO missions in Albania, Italy, Spain. 

Travis was team leader Hostage Rescue Team for the security element of the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force. He helped to provide security for the 1997 Presidential Inauguration, 1997 Presidential State of the Union, & the Denver Summit of Eight. His experiences and training prepared him for the survival of life. He is a guardian of patriotism with the sole mission to provide assistance to veterans and their families.

Download Form AFG 2-14

Veteran Nomination Form PDF (pdf)